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Thread: Reworking Remington 700 trigger

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    Reworking Remington 700 trigger

    Looking for advice from anyone that has had work done on their Remington 700 trigger. I've read a lot about replacement triggers and some articles about having the trigger worked on by a gunsmith. I'd appreciate any advice, what sort of cost is involved and any suggestions as to who could do the work. I stay in the Borders.

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    Bill if you have a fortnight to spare do a search on both this site and the web regarding Remington triggers as it’s been discussed hundreds of times before. Some will claim that it’s possible to fettle a factory trigger to achieve a satisfactory result and others will say not and recommend any number of replacement triggers that the market abounds with. At the end of the day I doubt very much that you will be any the wiser but will be as confused as hell.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I had a custom .308 which had a Trigger job done by GA Precision in the US.
    It was very good compared to the standard trigger, but it was never as good as my Jewel.
    I know the aftermarket ones are expensive, but they do work and feel great.

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