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Thread: Border stalking

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    Border stalking

    Anyone interested in 2/3 days ( mid week ) or possibly longer on Roe/Sika in Scottish borders as a guest.
    Must be ready to decide at very short notice ( caravan on site ). PM me if interested.

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    Hi morena

    I am interested If I can fit it in with my other comitments
    Email me at hughbarn@hotmail .com

    Regards Chris

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    Hi morena

    I am very interested don,t need much notice any more info pm me

    Thanks Gadget

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    border stalking

    hi morena i am interested in a couple off days pm me with cost ect
    best regards

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    I would be interested in this opportunity but would need more details

    cheers Danny

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    PM sent lunchtime


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    am interested and can cook,if it helps

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    Offer still open. Need to move at very short notice PM me if interested. Not just for me to give particulars say a bit about yourself
    Have pm previous people who expressed interest but they DUN'T open their messages so I have deleted my messages to them.

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    Hi i have sent you a pm thanks


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