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Thread: Training your dog to the high seat

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    Training your dog to the high seat

    It wasn't an intentional thing, but found my 8 month old lab will lay at the bottom of a high seat for 3-4 hours without a peep!!!... Here's how I managed it:I had a lot of help from an SD member who knows his stuff. He advised that as a pup don't let the dog leave your side until you say so. I did this and also followed his regime of making the dog sit and stay for longer and longer periods - building him up from 30 seconds to about 15 mins now. Inadvertently I also used to make him wait for me at the bottom of the stairs as I don't really allow him upstairs in the house. So when I go up he just curls up at the bottom of the stairs and waits.Imagine my delight the other day when I took him on a high seat session and his response to me climbing the high seat was to curl up at the bottom and wait! He'd never seen a high seat and didn't need telling - I guess he just figured they were stairs!! Tried again tonight, same thing! I'm not sure if the smell of dog on the ground defeats one of the benefits of a high seat, but I prefer it to leaving him in the car so I'm going to keep trying for a few more sessions and see

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    well done. the dog below the highseat will not be a problem unless he growls at on coming animals. deer have passed within 10yrds of my lab they where browsing past him and they carried on passed him along the track he was in full view all the time. As you know the more time the pup spends with you he will become the perfect stalking companion. Take it slow and reap the rewards rush and you might end up leaving the dog in the car till its time for tracking
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    My gwp has beneath high seats for the past nine years with no lead, doesn't move unless indicated to! You will begin to watch the dog for signs of deer, he will indicate there approach long before you see them in woodland with the correct wind.

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    Training..... I reckon it must be to do with the quality breeding mate !!

    Chuffed he's coming along so well!!

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    The tester is what they do when they get provocation, mine sits well under the seat and I've had fallow up to 10 yards from her trying to suss her out rabbits and hares she is generally fine about but the only noise she has made is when I had a cock pheasant recently stroll up to her and start thinking about having a go while with some hen birds then there was a small growl. As Lanner says keep an eye on them they will often know something is coming before you do, mine now keeps looking up at me if I don't take a shot almost saying go on then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick9abf View Post
    Training..... I reckon it must be to do with the quality breeding mate !!

    Chuffed he's coming along so well!!
    He's cracking mate and yeah credit where it's due to you steady as a rock and v handsome. Unfortunately made the mistake of letting him play with my mates sprocker as a pup (got a bit rough) and think he's got a permanent hip issue but could just be gangly puppy so I'm gonna wait and see!

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    I like to put my dog a little way away. That way I can see her and her nose is quite often up in the air. But she can see me also.


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