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Thread: Free stalk with Amanda16 - write up

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    Free stalk with Amanda16 - write up

    I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of Amanda16s offer of a free stalk and thought I would share the experience with you all, as well as taking the opportunity to thank Amanda16 once again for his generous offer.

    We arrived at the ground which was part of a large (I mean huge) area of forestry right on the border. The area that we were interested in was in amongst a large clearfell where some new trees had been planted. The bucks had been causing a bit of damage there.

    The idea was that we would stalk in following a forestry road for a bit before cutting through a ride and then along to the area. The evening was perfect with a slight wind to help out.

    As we left the ride to stalk along downwind to the main area a large doe was spotted, shed seen us and watched us with interest for around 5 minutes not moving. Eventually she lost interest and ambled off in the direction we were heading. As we moved another 100 yards of so another doe was spotted, this time she hadnt seen us. We watched for a bit to see if there would be a buck in tow, however as luck would have it a buck appeared down to our left at around 80 / 90 yards. He was totally unaware of our presence. I set up on sticks and made the shot the shot totally destroyed the heart and one lung but the buck managed to make a short dash before succumbing. Gralloch and into the row bag we set off to take up position above the large area of clearfell and new trees. A large doe was feeding around 150 yards off and we watched her for a while. In amongst the forest several bucks were making their presence heard.

    Unfortunately no more bucks were spotted and we made our way out back to the vehicle just as the light faded.

    A fantastic experience, its been a long while since Ive been out and for that I thank the participents of the SD to enable this fantastic opportunity to happen its a testament to the members on this board that can offer up such a fantastic opportunity. Many thanks also to Nell who made the original post and took one of the other lucky recipients out.

    A big thanks to Amada16 for offering the stalk he asked for nothing in return despite needing to recruit in a baby sitter for the evening! I bought a bottle of malt but it was only a small token compared with the fantastic evening he provided. His knowledge of the area, stalking and craft were superb I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. So if you are thinking of a Roe stalk in the borders get in touch with this guy.


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    Great write up and a very considerate offer made by Amanda16. This is an excellent site and it always amazes me how generouse members are. Well done on the buck

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    Well done tam and j77 it's a good bit of ground
    ​ Atb tom

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    Was it disappointing to discover Amanda16 was a chap

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    but a nice bloke all the same?

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    Nice one guys


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    I was the second lucky recipient of Amanda16's great offer, echo everything that jagged77 said about the guys and the ground, had a great time and learnt a lot stalking with Nell. Unfortunately didn't manage to get a shot off, spotted quite a few does and finally a buck quite far away, we stalked in closer but the dreaded happened, wind changed direction and whistled down on our necks!! lost the opportunity as the light was fading fast at this time.

    Regardless love every minute of it!!
    Amanda16 enjoy the whisky and many thanks to you and Nell.

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    Really enjoyed meeting and stalking with you guys....

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    Hi Tam

    Seems like the boys enjoyed their experience with you. Don't for get to go to church on Sunday and mine is a Black coffee no sugar !!!!!!!!!!

    Kind regards Jimbo

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    Great write up, nice result, a Waidmannsheil! From Germany!
    Its a shame, Amanda 16 is a man,... It just destroyed my very adult dreams so...


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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