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Thread: Stalkers go Longe Range

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    Stalkers go Long Range

    A couple of pictures from a recent outing with some customers to Warcop field firing Range. All the owners of these rifles are stalkers from Norfolk and Suffolk who also like to stretch distances with heavier rifles every now and again.
    All right so I know itís not stalking but a great day out none the less.
    For those of you who donít know them the Fifty Cal. Shooters Association are a club originally started to give those people interested in heavy calibers and long range somewhere to shoot . Anyone who is a member can apply for a variation on their ticket for something like .338 lap mag, .416 Barrett or .50 BMG. Targets consist of falling plate and mixtures of hard targets and on some ranges it allows you to test your skill and setup all the way out to 3,000 yds
    Shots of the day were Barrett M99 in .50 BMG at 2033 yards ( the 3000 target was closed) and FNH A3G .308 at a very respectable 1826yds all in a rather brisk 15-20 mph crosswind.
    Best rapid fire string of the day, 5 rounds on an MOA sized target in 10 seconds at 1055 yds with Hornady .308 178gr BTHP Superformance and Kimber 8400 Tactical.
    Optics from Vortex, Moderators from Hardy and rifles from Barrett, Accuracy International, Kimber, Remington and FNH USA.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Could I ask if you had permission to post pics of Warcop from the FCSA or Landmark

    We were alll (im a member of FCSA) sent a gentle reminder about potential security breaches, which may affect range access if members or otherwise posted photographs of range use.......

    Just asking, not being smart

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    Thats fine to ask. Security is not a dirty word! All " authority figures " were stood behind me when we took the photos. Many military ranges such as Sennybridge, Salisbury plain etc are easily viewable buy the public and can be easily photographed. There are no " photography banned" signs, its never mentioned in the range briefings even by MOD personnel. The FCSA themselves also have plenty of pictures on their website.

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    How many ranges does this club have access to that will permit Civilian use of a 338 Lap to name but one?



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    All the ranges we shoot at have 338 allowance at least






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    Sennybridge, Warcop, Lydd, Thetford, Warminster ( when available) their website is Maximum calibre permitted is at Warcop up to 20mm. Really nice club to shoot with, can't speak highly enough of them.

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    Lydd is a bit of a trek for you!

    I asked with good reason knowing two keen Longrangers who've had their 338’s re-barreled to something they are permitted to shoot as Bisley.

    Whether they were/are aware of your club I don’t know but it certainly assists me in making the call on such an investment in kit.



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    Theres no reason why you cant use 338 or larger - so long as youre a FCSA UK member

    Bisley, yes has "restrictions", but I know people have used 338 there and continue to do so ..

    I used to shoot 338 - found I was only using the rifle a couple of times a year so decided to part company with it, may build another one day,,,,although I do have 375 on my ticket.....

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