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Thread: Harris Bipod S-25C

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    Harris Bipod S-25C

    I'm considering a Harris bipod model S-25C the advertising says it extends to 27 inches - is this the leg length measured along the leg or the height off the ground - ideally I would like an actual measurement from an owner between the ground and the bottom of the stock/foreend when fully extended.

    Can anyone help,


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    I'll dig mine out & measure it

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    Exactly 26 & half inches, ( on pile carpet ) 8)

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    I have one and the only problem is that it was too long in its shortest possition but i cut an inch off it and its great at full extension you just sit on the floor behind it.Its great for shooting in long grass.

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    I've tried one of these on a range - it's too long for use in prone even at it's shortest, but great for kneeling/sitting shots...

    The standard Harris is 9-13 inches, but this one is 15-27; those two inches really make a difference in prone position... (oo-er missus)

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    Size is everything?

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    Thanks guys - i guess you would all recommend the swivel version?

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    Absolutely, your deer will be gone by the time you level a standard one!

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