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Thread: Ultrasonic Case Cleaning Soak Time

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    Ultrasonic Case Cleaning Soak Time

    How many days do you guys give them in the tank??



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    Days? Mine get two bursts of 4 minutes.

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    But that's no good if you wish anneal at the same time!

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    Not sure that ultrasonic on its own will remove heat discoloration.

    A half pint of white vinegar does the trick for me with "normal" cases (not annealed).

    Incidentally, some of your cases appear to have been heated throughout (the one at the top left for example) - would just like to ask if this is intentional?

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    Normally If the cases were clean to start with after fire I clean them in the Bath in Heated Distilled water with Citronox for 4 x 8 minute cycles.
    They come out really clean.
    What did you do those cases in the picture?

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    Cases went into bath of pro ultrasonic cleaner as once fired very shiny like new brass. 8hrs later that is what the ultrasonic process did to them.

    Comment about "anealing" was K being ironic.

    Subsequently polished back to new condition after 14hrs in a tubmler with Brasso mix.

    I'm still shooting them 20 reloadings later and each time they go back in the sonic tank after sizeing.


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    40 mins in a sock in the washing machine with a small quantity of washing powder. Only thing to be careful of is the wife finding out.

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    Only time I use the ultrasonic is if a short wash in the washing machine doesn't get the primer pockets clean enough and then it's only for 5 to 10mins.

    If I'm not in a hurry or have a lot of cases I use a stainless steel pin media wet tumbler for 2 to 4 hours, cases come out spotless.
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