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Thread: illuminated reticle?

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    illuminated reticle?

    I'm not sure wether to get a scope with a illuminated reticule or not. i've never used one before and so i would be interested to know if you find them an advantage or not?

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    I have a Burris 3x9x40 illuminated reticle scope on my 243. I managed to get two from the States about 5 years ago. Cost from memory 250 Fallow Stalker has one on his Tikka 270. Good scopes.

    You have 3 settings on it, and the centre dot glows red. It helps in the low light to pick the crosshairs up on the target, especially if they are against a dark background. No problems with them up to now, and they are robust scopes with a lifetime guarantee. I have a 1.5 x6 on my 375, not illumintaed but still a Burris, only the signature series.

    Try and get scopes from the States, you will pay a lot less than in this country, which is a rip off.

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    I have 2 Schmidt and Bender PM2's with Illuminated MilDot reticules, I have not had them long but had I not had them I would be 2 less Roe to my total. I could not see the reticule against the Roe due to failing light for one of them and the other first light in a wood. On the PM2 there are 11 settings, between each setting, it turns off, so you can illuminate it to the required setting easily and fast. I wasn't sure about them initially, as I had never had them before, now I wouldn't be without them, even if I changed scope.

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    thanks for the info, straight to ebay for me then.

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    I have not long got a S&B Zenith with the flashdot reticle very impressed as Tartinjock wrote 11 setings for dark to bright light.

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