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Thread: Gun shops in the Edinburgh area

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    Gun shops in the Edinburgh area

    As I'm new to the area I was wondering if anyone might point me in the direction of any decent shops around here other than Dicksons please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by perdix View Post
    As I'm new to the area I was wondering if anyone might point me in the direction of any decent shops around here other than Dicksons please?
    Yes, Macleods in Tain is where I go. I've been back in Edinburgh now for nearly 20 years and Gregor is the man to speak to. Regards JCS
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    Almost word for word the same question I asked a year ago!

    I have since come to think that Dickson's are actually very good indeed. Expensive, yes, but exceptionally helpful and friendly. They've gone well out of their way to help me a few times, for little or no cost. I'm happy to buy my ammo from them now, and be done with the hassle of travelling out to get it.

    The alternatives are all a long way out:

    Tony Russell in West Lothian: friendly and helpful (and cheap). Runs out of his home. Only interacted with once, but was impressed.
    Borders Gun room in Newton St Boswells. Could do with some customer service lessons - treating newcomers as idiots to be tolerated with mocking indulgence is not a way to win repeat cutom.
    Bushwear in Stirling and Perth: never actually been inside, but we all know the wonders of their website (and the life time of catalogues that follows). Exceptionally good online customer support, but have no idea what they're like in the flesh.
    And there is supposedly a place in Haddington (JS Mains?), but I don't know anything about them.

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    Just looked at your location - you should only be 10mins or so from Tony Russell. He's on here, but I can't remember his alias.

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    And there is John Low, just over the bridge in Fife above Burntisland - again now trades from home 07986 272416

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    Thanks for the help chaps

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    There are a few

    Borders is good. A tad marmite it seems, but I have always had very good deals from Sean

    Dicksons is a superb shop. Very helpful and freindly. Always willing to do a deal.

    Cluny Clays Gunroom as well. Robin is great to deal with and again, always tries to get you the best possible deal

    Mains in Haddington sells ammo, and is an RFD but is not on the network and does not sell guns. Absolute superstar of a man though, I practically live in teh shop during the season.

    I was also at Braidwood clay ground the other week, and the gunroom there seemed quite good as well. Small, but the chap was extremely nice and helpfull.

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    Is Cluny clays not also just across the brig? I see that has been answered

    If ur heading down the borders there is also Game and Country in Selkirk

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    Seems there are a lot more than I thought!
    Thanks for the info lads.Very much appreciated

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    The new guy at Braidwood Clays between Selkirk and St Boswells has a few more rifles and shotguns in than before.

    The clays are still too bloody difficult for me to hit many. But they should have their totally covered rifle pipe range up and running in a few months. So rifle load testing will be easier.

    I suppose it depends what you are after. I visit most of the ones mentioned, depending on my needs.



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