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Thread: My Introduction

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    My Introduction

    Hi there

    Just joined this forum - very impressed. Loads of good information.

    I am an English roe stalker and bass fisherman, 42 years young. I am also a member of a driven boar syndicate. Not sure which I prefer: all are equally rewarding and frustrating I suppose.

    My ground is in mid Hants, east of Winchester, five minutes from where I live. Predominantly Roe with some Muntjac. No Fallow, although they are close by. My driven boar shooting is in the Ardennes region of Belgium. I have a couple of .243 rifles for Roe and Muntjac (one synthetic stainless with Bipod and Tin Can which is a tool thrown in the back of the landrover and a lightweight rifle with no plastic, bipod, tin can, or stainless in sight : which doesn't go out in the rain). I also have a 9.3 x 74 express rifle for the boar.

    Looks like a good forum chaps and will enjoy reading and contributing.



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    Greetings, from another roe stalker and bass fisherman!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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