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    Does anyone on here use them or know of any training info.
    Looking at getting one how easy or hard are they to train
    plus any other pointers would be appreciated.

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    Guy I stalk with has one, got it for nothing, hence its name is freeby.....
    Cracking little thing, I dont think it has ever missed a follow up, even after he has been called out several hours after the shot. Very brave dog, works its socks off and is generally very well behaved. My Pal swears by it. I'm a Lab man myself, but I do likr to see Freeby working.
    PM me and I'll give you my Pals contact number, speak to him, he'll give you al the info you require

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    PM Dog hound he has a Teckle i trained and sent to England: I know he is very pleased with the way she has turned out.

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    I had a Teckel hence my name on here. I have had a few dogs in my 40some years but I cried like a kid when I lost Helmut. Most of the time his name should have had two Ls and two Ts and he had a pretty indipendant outlook on life, but he was my mate and once he learned as a pup who was really the boss we had a good time.
    90% affection and 10% discipline are needed to get a Teckel that will be more than just a kenneled working tool.
    If you are thinking of getting one, contact the The U.K Teckel Society, there are an awfull lot of nippy Daxy's with dreadfull conformation being sold as Teckels. They should have strength, presence and the legs/lungs to run for miles. Look at the Germans society pictures and watch out for British folk jumping on the teckel bandwagon. I was approached by a number of pet daxy owners to use my tec' as a stud dog. Some of the dogs being sold these days could not lift their legs to pee let alone chase boar or find wounded deer.

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