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    Borders Bucks

    I received a call from a friend informing me that there was some ground that was available in the Scottish border region that was well worth a look.
    I gave the gentleman with the available land a call and arranged to meet him yesterday evening for a look around the permission.
    Heading up to the ground I had spotted several roe out and about feeding along the side of the A7 round the Hislop and Jedburgh area and hoped that the ground further on would be showing too.
    Arriving at the pub car park I let the hairy crocodile out for a pee and had a chat with the lease holder about the ground and the surrounding area.
    We then travelled the short distance to the ground from the village and I was shown the boundaries. I'd spotted a buck in the trees immediately we entered the ground so thought the omens were good.
    After parking my car we set out to drive around the ground. Alex (mine host) spotted two roe does making there way across a field and I then spotted a pair of ears sticking out of the top of some rape only 30-40 yards away. We stopped and we were fairly sure the doe had young with her but could only guess from the movement to her side.
    I should mention this ground is a mix of well established broad leaf/mixed plantation woods with rolling fields of crops between, interspersed with game crops for the pheasant shoot on the ground.
    Back at the car we continued chatting and, as I had the musket with me were I should stalk
    A roe doe then made her way from one wooded area to another and, glassing further up the wood, Alex spotted what looked like a buck at the top of the wood against a hedge line running up to another wooded area.
    It would have presented no shot if I'd tried to stalk up the wood as the buck was on a headland so I walked up to the top of the field to a large wood then stalked along the side of the wood (with the dog going on point a couple of times into the wood). I reached the hedgerow leading down to the wood and slowly stalked down the hedge expecting to see the buck near the hedge at any second....wrong...there was the buck about 120yards into the field making its way at a 45degree angle back to the wood below. This buck was limping with its front right leg so I set up on my quad sticks and shot the buck which went straight down.
    On gralloching the buck the shot had taken the top of his heart out.
    I gave Alex a call to see how he was getting on at another part of the permission and, whilst talking to him, I spotted another buck making its way down the field at about 180yds away but quartering slightly towards me.
    I asked Alex if he wanted to try and get around to my position for this one but he told me to go ahead and fill my boots.
    This looked a young buck with a poor head and another good one to take. I set up on the quad sticks as the buck was now around 150yards away. Watching him slowly moving to my left he then disappeared over the headland so it was up with the sticks and a quick dash to the crest where I could see him about 130 yards away now and looking down hill.
    I gave a bark and he stopped still slightly looking away but the .308 sang out and a second buck was down after running about 30yds. Bonnie ran in which I'm trying to stop her doing but didnít have time to get her settled prior to the shot on this one, she was fine on the first but I think seeing the second deer prior to the shot just got the better of her.
    This shot had gone through the shoulder and taken the front of the chest out just at the base of the underside of the neck.
    Thanks Alex (Craigswood Game and Deer management) and I look forward to getting up there again very soon.
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    Sounds like a good evening. well done!

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    Congratulations!Perfect result for a first outing....
    Keep rolling!

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