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Thread: Rifle Basix Trigger for Remington 700?

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    Rifle Basix Trigger for Remington 700?

    Having read a number of threads and websites about replacement triggers for Remington 700's, I'm considering getting a Rifle Basix trigger. Can I ask what experience anyone has with them as they are considerably cheaper than Jewell, which seems to get great press. I'd appreciate your thoughts, good and bad.

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    They are really good! I got one for a Howa I used to have and it made a world of difference!
    Mine came from here:
    It only took one screw to change it and it came set at 2.5lbs pull which i found to be perfect for stalking.

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    i have one on my Ruger
    miles better than a factory trigger
    i also have a jewell on another rifle, you can tell the diference BUT i would definitely buy another rifle basics trigger

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    I'd simply spend the money on getting someone to tune/adjust the factory trigger. They can be made to be every bit as good as an aftermarket one.

    I've had a Rifle Basix in the past on a Howa - it was OK but I can't say remarkable. There was a bit of a hang up before the let off. I now have the factory triggers on my two Remingtons tuned and set up properly. My brother thinks that one of them is certainly as good as his Jewell and the other isn't far behind.

    Kind regards,


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    Rifle Basix, very good and have one on my Rem 700 7mm-08, crisp and adjustable and worlds apart from the factory ones. Also had a Timney on my other Rem 700 (.243) which I didn't think was as good (that's gone now anyway).

    I can't say what the new Remington X-Mark Pro trigger is like to 'tune' but I would not recommend getting the old Remington factory trigger tuned at all, just bin it they are junk. I know a few people who have had these triggers tuned and they didn't last before they started to creep again and have inconsistent pulls. Those tunes were also carried out by three different reputable gunsmiths. Certainly two of those rifles now have Rifle Basix triggers!

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    I can't really comment on a RB trigger for a Remmy but I do have a RB SAV-2 on one of my Savages. I think it is excellent, fully adjustable down to a few ounces, crisp and smooth. I ordered it direct from RB in the USA, it came with a CD video with step by step fitting instructions. The company were easy to deal with and the bits tracked all the way.

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    kia cars are cheaper than maclaren and both get you from a-b but I know what most would have given the choice

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    I have a basix on my rem700 had a jewel on my last rem and I do like the basix save your money get the rifle basix it's a great trigger and you won't be disappointed jewels are very good but I always thought mine was very delicate for field use stalking a fine trigger no doubt but go for the rifle basix if money is an issue.

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    I've been thinking of a trigger upgrade on my Rem700 and was wondering about a jewel or an RB. It is a staking rifle so I like the comment about the RB feeling more rugged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    kia cars are cheaper than maclaren and both get you from a-b but I know what most would have given the choice
    I entirely agree, i'd have the Kia and spend the difference on stalking!!

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