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Thread: Whats a good 7mm bullet

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    Whats a good 7mm bullet

    Am just starting to think about developing a load for my 7x65R. Does any body have any recomendations as to a good all round 7mm bullet in the 150 to 160gn weight. I would also like something that is generally readily available.

    I have heard good things about the Swift Scirroco bullets and the Nosler partition.

    Many thanks

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    This answer won't be popular with the high tech fanatics but a superb bullet in the 7x57 and the 280 had been a plain Speer 145 grain SP Flat base. It worked well on elk from the 7x57. They are inexpensive and accurate. JMHO, of course...~Muir

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    Hi Heym , Have you tried 162 grain A max, does a cracking job. Steve.

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    Another vote for the inexpensive Speer SP. Use them in my 7x57r, and the combination of a relatively heavy bullet and moderate velocity seems to hit like the hammer of Thor!

    The other end of the scale from Wapiti - but the Roe just drop on the spot!

    I love my Drilling you know!

    However, the Barnes TSX has truly wonderful performance over a wide variety of range and velocity - if it shoots in your rifle that would be my premium recommendation. The high levels of retained weight would allow you to run a lighter bullet with a flatter trajectory- the controlled expansion creates adequate wound channels, without tending to detonate the stomach with hydrostatic trauma.



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    I use a 7mm Remington Magnum and use three bullets depending on the species. I use 150g Sierra Gameking for all our deer in the uk, Nosler Partition/Accubond in 160g for African Animals, however for top accuracy the Gamekings are the business and all you need in this country.

    Hope this helps

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    I second the Gameking

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    Im with you guy's on the Gamekings.

    I use them in my .25 - 7mm and 30cal and have never had any problems


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