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Thread: cheap scope causes miss

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    cheap scope causes miss

    Hi all. Have been out this evening with my .22 . I have a nikko mount master 3-9 x 40 scope on it. I know you get what you pay for and this is a cheap scope (about 40 quid). But all the rabbits i shot in good light went down no problem. 5 from 5 i was quite pleased with. Then as the light faded i couldnt hit for toffee. Is this just me wanting to get another before i had to pack up for the night or would a better quality scope make a deffinate differance. Does your ability to aim accuratly change as the light changes.

    Regards pete

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    In short yes, better glass is usable for longer into twilight.
    Now I don't like big scopes, so my .22 hornet wears a 3-9x36 Swarovski, with the mag at 6x I can shoot all night under a decent moon.
    I like it so much I am debating getting another one for my .22lr


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    Would the cheaper glass deceive you into thinking you are on target when you are not. I hope to receive a differant scope for my 308 this week so i think i might try my nikon monarch 6x42 on the. 22 and see how that goes. Although it is not parralax adjustable

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    Always used Simmons Whitetails on my .22 and wound them down to 3x when the light began to fade.Before that it was the old TV screen Tascos.
    Never had any problems with the Simmons but I've noticed now I'm starting to replace stuff how much it has risen in price

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