Dear Gentlemen,

I got invited to a wedding of a friend of mine who found a Scotish girl for him. The wedding will take place at Inverness, thus, I will have my first trip to Scotland. As a passionate hunter, I was thinking of combining it with deer stalking. I will be in Inverness July 27, and would prefer to start hunting on July 29 or July 30. At least here in Germany we already have rutting season for Roe Bucks at this point of time. I dont know if Red Stag hunting is also possible, here the season starts August 1.

I would prefer "real" Highland stalking rather than in "low land woods", as I get wood landscapes also plenty at home . I am 33 years old and my legs are working well, so longer walks should be fine . I would need accomondation as well, nothing fancy please, I prefer solid, traditional housing instead of 4 or 5-Star hotels. A great experience of true traditional Scotish hunting is more important than trophies as well.

If you are able to offer something, I would be happy to get a message with all details.

Your offer is highly appreciated.