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Thread: WANTED: Double Coke Fridge - Berks area

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    WANTED: Double Coke Fridge - Berks area

    Been trying to source a double coke type fridge for a while now without much luck. Doesn't need have glass doors, can be industrial type fridge as long as it works and has a fan unit inside.

    Lots of reconditioned type units going on eBay but don't want to pay a fortune as it's only going to stand in the garage - a few knocks and bumps fine!

    Anything within reasonable distance of Reading considered - can collect.

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    Contact 'reMington'. He was trying to source some fridges. I don`t know about double ones though.

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    They seem to have gone tits up Basil unfortunately............'M'

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    Thanks anyway chaps - will keep looking

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    Is this this sort of thing you are after?

    Not to sure how far away from you it is but looks like it could be a winner.

    Hope it helps.


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    And another one....

    Again, no idea where it is but looks like its what you should be after.



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    Cheers - will continue to keep an eye on eBay but the double door ones either go for too much money or are miles away I just need something functional to go in the garage and don't want to spend a fortune.

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    I put an advert on gumtree and got a double door coke fridge that way. A chinese restaurant was moving and the owner contacted me and asked if I wanted it. Cost me 100 which seemed reasonable. Also got a number of other offers from other people around the country. Might be worth a shot if you are prepared to wait.


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    I may have a Fosters Stainless double door fridge fitted with a hanging bar. Its not new and I think it need re-gassing as when I moved it from one garage to another it does not reach temp but the compressor runs.

    I have had 10 muntjac in this fridge as well as several Fallow.

    Anyone interested?

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    I am deer man Where 'bouts are you???

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