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Thread: .20 32 v-max with rl10x

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    .20 32 v-max with rl10x

    hello. just trying to get some load data together before the arrival of my new .204. got everything apart from the min and max powder charges for the 32v-max and alliant reloader 10x. would also like the same for the 32gr nosler with h4895 and reloader 10x if anyone can find it in one of there manuals that would be great, many thanks

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    one from the 204 ruger web site.

    04-07-2008, 02:08 PM
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    I use 25.0 10X with the 39 Gr Blitzking with great accuracy in a Ruger M77 it shoots to almost the same POI @ 200 yards as 26.1 10X and a 32gr Vmax.


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