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Thread: Several questions

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    Several questions

    I知 relatively new to stalking and a recent incident has left me pondering several questions.

    Are DDM and Services Branch the same thing? Does Services Branch really exist? If so, who are they and are they governed by different rules to the rest of the deer stalking community?

    Last weekend I was out walking my dog in the Pirbright area when we came across the carcass of a young Roe buck. I know that it was a buck because I checked the genetalia and when I say young, I知 guessing that it was one of this years kids because it had no antlers and was small in size, although it was in very good condition.

    Whilst examining the carcass a chap appeared with a rifle over his shoulder and claimed to have just shot said animal. Whilst he proceeded to gralloch the carcass I asked him if he had seen anything wrong the animal that had led to him deciding to shoot it, thinking that it had had a bad limp or something. He replied that he had seen nothing untoward with the animal prior to taking the shot.

    This is my first quandary: I was under the impression that you could not shoot an animal under the age of 6 months and only young dependant kids in the doe season and you had just shot the mother? This animal was plainly under 6 months of age.

    Pressing my luck somewhat, I asked the chap if the animal had been in the company of any other animals and he said that it had been with two does, presumably its mother and sibling doe kid.

    When I mentioned my concern/confusion over the age of the animal he replied that as a member of DDM on MoD land he was entitled to shoot whatever was in the cull. At this point he hoisted the carcass over his shoulder and stormed off.

    Consequently, I have done some research on the internet, but I知 still not sure of my facts. What are the rules regarding shooting young animals? If my understanding is correct, are DDM (I presume that this is the fabled Defence Deer Management I keep hearing about?) allowed to operate under different rules to the rest of us?

    I am a member of the BDS and I understand that DDM/Services Branch are also a part of the BDS. If this is so, then surely we are all governed by the same rules?

    I am very interested to hear what the rest of you have to say. If I have got my facts wrong, then I owe an unknown gentleman an apology.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    New members are encouraged to put a short post in the intorductions section on the main page mate, it helps everyone get to know a little more about each other and their experience.

    Intresting sequence of events, I'll ask a friend who will certainly know more than me about MOD practice and post back.



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    As Granhubert has beaten me to it

    Welcome to the forum, I sincerely hope the members can be of help to you and I am sure you will make some good friends from the site. However it is a requirement before posting that you introduce yourself to the site members and tell us a little more about yourself.

    Could I politely ask that you do this in the Introduction section of the site.

    Thank you


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    Hi Roger,
    Welcome to the site.
    As a member of BDS you will have seen the quarterly magazine 'Deer'.
    In there are reports from the various branches of the BDS and among them is usually a report from DDM or Services Branch.
    As for all your questions, I cannot help you a great deal.
    I have not heard of any law regarding Deer under six months but is always advisable to leave them as, if they are still suckling and are shot, the 'mother' may have a problem disposing of her 'milk' and develop mastitus, particularly if she only had the one kid.
    Apart from that, it does seem bad form and unneccessary to shoot one so early in it's life.
    I am surprised the Gentleman concerned didn't stop longer to explain what and why he was doing what he was.
    I know there used to be a lot of pressure on the Stalkers to complete the
    cull in that particular area because of dog walkers and Joggers using the same time frame as the Stalkers but that is more reason, when confronted by either, to explain and try and get them on their side.

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    The grumpy man you speak of, did he have an unfeasibly large furry hat by any chance?

    Seriously though, you say you walked upto it and moments later the stalker appeared.

    Was the deer obviously freshly shot( perhaps you could tell by evidence of clotting etc) and if so did you hear the shot?

    I'm more worried about how you came into contact than the age of the cull beast.

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    Is it accepted practice?

    No, the 敵rumpy Man did not have an unfeasibly large furry hat. He was of stocky build, about 5 6 with short greying hair and a full greying beard and spoke with a Scottish accent.

    The carcass of the shot animal was warm and the blood was oozing out of the nose/mouth and the exit wound in the side of the head. On the floor around the carcass there was fresh bright red blood, so I would say that the animal had only just been shot.

    However, I do not remember hearing any shot, but I had been calling the dog several minutes before finding the carcass, perhaps my calling prevented me from hearing the shot?

    Would you shoot an animal that young? Is it accepted practice?

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    forget the animal in question
    as it was a buck it was in season
    but i would be more inquisitive about the actually surroundings in which the buck was shot
    ie: just shot as you chanced upon it , so were you in danger ??
    or were you legitmate to be in the area when the buck was shot
    there are a lot more issuses than if you or i would shoot a buck that young
    but lets not make a big issue out of it
    as that stalker is paid to do a job , ethics has little to do with that from a recreational point of view
    but safety has from both sides

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    The stalker in question is definately not paid! They are a volunteer group.

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