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Thread: Eka swing blade

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    Eka swing blade

    As title I'm selling my swingblade its black and has lost one of the badges out of the handle which doesn't affect it at all it come with one if dougsters kydex sheaths the original box and sheath I'm looking for £75 posted thanks

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    Eka knives come with a life-time warranty - if you get in touch with Eka they will almost certainly replace the handle scales.

    ​ alasdair.

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    Any offers

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    Sorry, do you mean 57 or 75 quid? These are new and advertised on here for 57 quid delivered, don't wish to disrupt your thread but just to clarify.

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    It does come with a very good quality sheath from Dougster
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    They may be£57 delivered but the original sheath is garbage dougsters kydex are top notch I'm open to offers it will cost best part of £10 to post and knife is basically new

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