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Thread: JAGDZEIT/Hunterís Path Magazine

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    JAGDZEIT/Hunterís Path Magazine

    I've just seen this magazine advertised. It's a hard backed journal published four times a year.
    Does anyone here subscribe to it?
    Its expensive, and before taking out a subscription I'd like to know whether or not it's better then the usual rubbish we get over here?
    Many thanks

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    Hi sws!
    I get this magazine on subscription, plus I also write articles for them...
    Its a very valuable, highest quality magazine, which I can truly recommend.
    A lot of huntingstories and international hunting background, less (stupid) local and already very well known discussions showing up in it...
    Let me know, if you would ike some support, I owe you something!
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    Looks interesting! We could use more high-quality publications in this area, like the French "Billebaude" magazine, which I keep plugging because it doesn't look like anyone apart from me buys it, and that goes for France too.

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