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Thread: DSC 2 Assessment Centre

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    DSC 2 Assessment Centre

    I am looking to do my DSC 2 and will probably do it through BASC.

    My question: Do you have to be a member of BASC to book your assessment? The downloadable application form has a "membership number" box next to where you fill your name in. BASC also seem to be charging 15 less than BDS, and I don't know if that's only for their members.

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    I used basc for my level 2, registered with them at marford mill wrexham, mary fishburne is very efficient, always there to provide a up-date on portfolio progress or any issues you might have from start to finish, good luck with your level 2, enjoy it dont worry about it,

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    ps, not sure about being a member to register but its a great organisation, good insurance package as well

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    Barony is just over the border, and we're local (ish) but who did your DSC1, the trainers/assessors would have been attached to an assessment centre?

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    I did my DSC 1 at Newton Rigg College in Penrith but they aren't able to register me for my level 2. I'm a member of the NGO because that's who my Estate insured its keepers but I will ring BASC tomorrow and ask if I need to be a member

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    i did my level 1, with David stretton at donnington deer, he is a basc approved training centre give him a ring he should be able to tell you straight away, 01332 810757

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    1. You do not have to be a member of BASC to register with them as an Assessment Centre.

    2. You do not need to register with the Centre through which you did your Part 1.

    3. Location of the Assessment Centre you choose largely a non issue.

    Hope that helps.

    ​Good luck.
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    Yes thanks. I've sent of my application today to BASC its 105 well spent I say!

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    well done, good luck with the level 2

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