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Thread: Sod's law. Wrong gun

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    Sod's law. Wrong gun

    I was out tonight doing some squirrel swatting with the 22semi , and this scrawny bugger just walks past me within 10 ft.

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    That's good, he's climbing a cliff without a safety harness :-)
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    ha ha, very nice. must have been enjoyable to see.

    call me soft, but these days I love the odd encounter with deer and fox cubs and so on, and just sit there and watch them rather than pull the trigger..after all, they are quite beautiful creatures

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    Always the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Singing Stalker View Post
    That's good, he's climbing a cliff without a safety harness :-)
    Its this bloody iPad. I can't work it lol

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    I'm sure some of the US contingents would've just swiftly reached for the sidearm..he he he

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    im glad im not the only one. i suppose it should make us glad we have a choice of guns to go shooting with but it never feels that way does it

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    It has happened to me a couple of times this year. My luck has it these were the only times I saw a deer I could shoot....

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    It's called catch and release stalking. You get close, you could have shot it, but choose not to for whatever reason and save yourself all the gralloching larder work etc. plenty of boys around our way wouldn't worry about it 22 rf, nor having permission to shoot etc. I have hardly seen anything this year - poachers at work, and other members have found plenty of gralloching and heads with 22rf sized holes in the adjoining nature reserve when out for a walk.

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    This always seemed to happen to me while using highseats, now I take an CF and a RF, if the deer and foxes are a no show I shoot the rabbits with little disturbance

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