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Thread: Gamekeeping clothing????

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    Gamekeeping clothing????

    I'm looking for some decent gamekeeping clothing. I have some stuff but all getting old now, I've just got a new job in the highlands scotland and looking for some good jackets, trousers, over trousers just anything that will keep me dry warm and do the job. Also I remember alot of gamekeepers had top notch waterproof over trousers and jackets that packed away in a bag and can't remember the name of them, anyone know? Thinking about getting a pair, I'm sure they're expensive but really good, cheers

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    I use bob parrett for my suits quite reasonable and hard wearing off the peg tweeds ,and seeland light weight waterproof over trousers and jackets .altberg boots .sorted

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    the waterproofs that pack away into their own pouch are probably schoffel pac away jackets and trousers, we were issued with them when I worked "tup north" where are you headed to?
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    I would say it is the schoffels too - brilliant, but not hard wearing on Heather (Heather will rub through at ankles on trousers), and no good in brambles!

    Good luck in your new position...

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    Have heard great stuff about some of the stuff from Tough Comfort Clothing

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