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Thread: which scope mounts

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    which scope mounts

    Hi All

    Well after parting with lots of the folding i now have a ziess victory scope to go on top of my howa.

    now for the hard part what rings do i need QR preferably

    scope is a 3-12x56 30mm tube and rife is the 1500 varmint in .243 rife does have the factory fitted rail which i am willing to use or remove.

    would like reasonable rings that wont mark the tube (willing to lap in).

    suggestions please make height etc

    Cheers D

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    keep the rail and get a pair of low tps rings. i have my zeiss victory in them on my 22/250. and it hasn't marked them. ive swapped them between different rifles in past and scope isnt marked damaged or scratched.

    there not quick release though. cant be doing with those

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    I love Burris Signature Zee rings. These have plastic inserts in varying sizes upto + & - 10thou to give some adjustment and will definitely not mark any scope - available in 25 & 30mm. You can get them in a couple of guises but the ones that fit weaver rails seem to be the most popular - again not quick release but seriously, how often do you ever want to take a scope off?

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    Plus 1 for the Burris Signature rings , top quality and the adjustment shims have proved very useful in the past on a scope that has run out of elevation adjustment

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