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Thread: steyr-mannlicher bolt confusion

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    steyr-mannlicher bolt confusion

    Hi folks,

    I have just inherited an oldish Steyr-Mannlicher 'L' in .308. Seems to be in fairly good condition - heavily used, but more or less looked after (bore could have been kept cleaner).

    I've not come across or used one of these before, and the bolt is confusing me, so I'd be grafetul for explanation/advice.

    From what I can make out, you can partially 'uncock' the bolt, and if you pull the trigger, it will snap forward and fire. What is the purpose of this? Seems to be asking for trouble.

    Any insight and advice on howe best to use this rifle would be very much appreciated. It does have a rather nice set trigger, which will take a bit of care getting used to.

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    Many rifles will fire with the bolt only partially closed. I've just tried it with my Heym SR20 and Brno 22rf - two lug bolt so 90degree opening - just closing 45 degrees and squeezing trigger - it will fire but the firing pin going forward closes the bolt. It's for that reason why it is important to firmly close the bolt and on some rifles there is a spring detent to keep the bolt closed, and the bolt is locked closed with the safety on. The Remmy 700 doesn't lock the bolt and very easy for the bolt to be partially open.

    Mannlicher Model L are nice rifles, that last several lifetimes. Give the barrel a good clean, amazing what a good clean can do, but don't worry too much provided you get good enough accuracy. The later Mannlichers have a safe bolt system whereby if the bolt handle is pushed fully down, the firing pin is locked and cannot fore, you lift the handle slightly for it to fire, but I don't think the older models had this.

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