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Thread: Will Alpacas affect wildlife?

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    Will Alpacas affect wildlife?

    My mum has just brought a field, with a small woodland area that joins onto the end. We have just put about 5 Alpacas in the field, there are in a very large pen with a stable. My question is, do you think that it will affect the wildlife on the field? Like birds, foxes, rabbits and deer? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I would imagine deer would be less likely to be seen where the alpacas are , everything else would be as normal , although they may chase foxs off !, but if it makes your mother happy , thats all that matters, everything else is trivial.

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    Im not sure about wildlife but someone near us just been attacked and nearly killed by a male undocterd

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    Foxes will be chased everything else is ok, I have fallow in with my llamas and they seem to get on ok, but then they are fenced in.

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    Thanks for your replies. Sounds like it will be fine . I didnt realize alpacas attacked people!

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    Where we go on holiday near Keswick in Cumbria alpacas are kept with sheep and lambs to keep foxes at bay in the past foxes have been found kicked to death surely that's a plus all round bazil

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    that would be a hit video, 'alpaca kicks fox to death' hard to believe but incredible if it was every captured

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    that would be a hit video, 'alpaca kicks fox to death' hard to believe but incredible if it was every captured
    how about a Fox Terrier?

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    They are very odd animals

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