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Thread: Bisley Magnum .177 Air Rifle pellets

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    Bisley Magnum .177 Air Rifle pellets

    Hi all,

    I have a new unopened tin of Bisley magnum .177 (500) air rifle pellets i found in the cupboard that i no longer have a use for. Let me know if you want them.. Ill even cover postage.


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    I'll take them please mate and stick something in the H4H box!

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    Good shout, pm me your details and ill drop them in the post tomorrow

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    Arrived today mate! Cheers!
    I've just stuck 10 in Jinga's ABF soldiers charity fund and recognised your generosity! Hope you don't mind!
    Maybe it will start a trend for 'freebies' received on here?
    Top man!

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    Found another mostly full tin of these, happy to post them FOC for someone's youngster.


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    please can i have these thank you

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