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Thread: Nomad clothing

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    Nomad clothing

    Hi everyone I am looking to buy a nomad hooded smock. Does anybody know if they are any good or should I go for the riverswest field pro smock?

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    Bypass all and move straight to a swazi tahr, you won't regret it, and trust me, having just recently bought one, the costs of importing them are nothing close to any of the tax calculator websites, the bill on entering the uk was about 30, and the jacket is brilliant.
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    I have both the Nomad Quad Smock and the Riverswest Field Smock. The Nomad wins hands down on warmth, waterproof and quality. (In my opinion).

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    Thanks alot. Have just ordered it.

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    don't both save your money there is better performing gear out there , sold my last items at flee bay.

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    I have had a Nomad coat for about four years now. Great piece of kit. 100% waterproof, non rustle, very warm.

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    Had Nomad plus 4s for three years would never wear anything else Bought hooded smock lst year and spent spent 3 days on the hill in driving snow dry and toasty. Only complant is lack of pockets but love it.

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    I've got a stealth tweed smock and plus 4s - expensive but great on the hill in poor weather

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    Got the smock and plus fours.
    had the smock for three years, plus fours for just a couple of months.
    spot on both of them. No complaints at all.

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    5 years use of pants smock and coat never had a problem always dry in any weather good kit. I believe they are now doing a smock with more pockets

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