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Thread: Nature Park UK.

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    Nature Park UK.

    I thought that some of you my find this web site interesting
    have a look!!


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    NP UK

    Hmmmm,should give us a few new species,think il apply for that 30-378 ive always wanted

    cheers HORNET

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    Wonder if this guy has been yakking with the MFI feller up in Scotland,?I reckon if this scheme were to get off the ground in my lifetime, there would be increased opportunities while lamping!

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    Novel idea, have you seen the "NPUK Sponsors" page? Not really your usual sponsors....

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    Would need a pretty impressive fence!

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    The Penrith Vasectomy Clinic now that is a real Blue Chip sponsor for a bunch of dicks

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    I see the DCS has given them there support now that doesn't surprise me big banner at the bottom of the page that's the same folk trying to get rid of alien species and not doing a good job of it. Public money going to stupid ideas lets give the money were its needed.
    eg housing poverty soldiers education the list goes on some fakers have more money than sence.

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    LDG, You did mean fakers didn't you

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    I'm sceptical as to whether any of those organisations across the bottom support this venture. I'd not be suprised if the bloke hasn't just ripped thier logo's off the web!

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    I was just about to make the same point 75...I can't imagine they would lend their names without long consultation.

    The pics at the top of his page look like North American Moose and Bison not the correct European types (or am I just being picky?)

    What these people don't seem to realise is that there just aren't enough trees here to support these species, you only have to look at Canadian Moose habitat...holy cow you've never seen so many trees. You need to start from the ground up on a 400+ year plan to restore woodland and only then think about the larger species. Yes it would be great but frankly it's just not realistic given the current diversity of ownership in the Highlands.

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