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Thread: Steve Beaty Ivythorn Sporting

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    Steve Beaty Ivythorn Sporting

    Hi, having purchased a new rifle I thought I'd post my experience of dealing with Steve Beaty from Ivythorn sporting.
    I decided to sell my Sako 75 in 6.5x55 in favour of a .30-06 a couple of months back as I needed a more powerful all rounder that could be used on driven Boar in Germany, as well as on the fallow that I shoot here. So, I put the 75 up for sale, here on this site, and sold it to one of the SD's now even happier members last month.
    I decided that it would be a good move to buy a rifle with the option of interchangeable barrels and as such decided to look for either a Sauer, Mauser or Blaser etc. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who pointed me in the direction of Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting as this is his one of his specialisms.
    I had a good conversation with Steve and felt encouraged by his thorough and proactive attitude towards dealing with my enquiries. Steve is a breath of fresh air, he runs his business in a way which makes him actually worth trading with.
    I asked Steve strait questions and he gave me strait answers. So, having almost decided on a Sauer I took a look at his stock on line and found a completely different rifle - a Schultz and Larsen M97-DL. I rang him back and Steve was a superb guide, he offered me a brilliant deal on it, which I happily accepted, and he gave me a 6 month warranty plus a load of extras.
    Having now worked out 20 or so home loads, and put them through it, I've found 2 blisteringly accurate loads, both of which plop one bullet on top of the last and the rifle can only be described as unbelievably accurate. Whilst working my way through the powder charges the rifles poorest group was less than 2" and that was during my bore sighting stage !. The rifle has virtually no recoil to it either thanks to the Pes moderator that Steve threw into the deal with the rifle; its extremely quiet too. The rifle shoots so smoothly that upon taking my 1st shots with it I actually thought there must be something wrong with my home loads because it sounded and felt like only the primers had gone off !
    I was also given two sets of Apel swing off mounts and a 5 shot and 3 shot magazine which will be very handy when dealing with my friends Boar problem this Autumn.
    Unfortunately, I uncovered a small issue with the trigger after my zeroing session, however, I rang Steve who then had it picked up from me and he had it corrected and on its way back to me within 48hrs.
    I simply had to write and say that I'm very impressed by Steve and his assistant Shane, they do a good job well and I heartily recommend their services to anyone who is in the market for a decent rifle.
    Steve did not put me up to writing this and I rarely would go to the length of writing such an arse kiss report, but, Steve deserves the praise, he has made me a very happy customer and I wish him and Shane and his little son a fantastic future and great success.

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    Only bought small bits from him but the service has always been A++

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    Steve is a top bloke!

    Did you get to see his stock of zebrano wood?

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    There is 1 member who might not agree with others opinions on steve beaty
    I found him helpfull and had plenty of time and advice given freely.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    Steve is a top bloke!

    Did you get to see his stock of zebrano wood?
    Ha ! No, I just did it all by phone as he's too far away for me to drive over. He sent it down to a RFD with no obligation to buy it and no charge either so it was an easy deal to make really.
    Have you ever worked with Zebrano ? It smells like cats pee pee ! I've done a fair bit of cabinet work with it, it can look very stunning indeed. How are the stocks ?

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    He is a top guy to deal with and patience of a saint

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    Great gun that S&L, proper quality at a sensible price. Great looking weather resistant stock too

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    Quote Originally Posted by R8 user View Post
    Great gun that S&L, proper quality at a sensible price. Great looking weather resistant stock too

    Thanks, I like it and think its build quality is superb, Scandinavian design at its best. Where did you see the rifle ?

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    Olaf, enjoy your rifle; I have enjoyed mine from Steve (a Sauer 6.5x55, and others plus mods).
    I have found Steve to be first class in all my dealings with him.
    Even better things to come from Ivythorn Sporting, and a shame you are not closer as you could have enjoyed the excellent facilities he has.
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    Always good to hear about pleased customers!
    Much more important than always complaining one business partners...
    This one sounds like a real customer service in the best way to think of!!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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