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    Please, please get the site working properly, I spent 15 mins typing a reply today only to have the site freeze and then I lost my post.

    It is not a problem with my PC by the way, all other sites work ok and this problem has been going on for months

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    The site has been looked at by our IT man, and as I reporetd in another thread the site has been tweaked and is working better.

    WE CANNOT MOVE THE SITE!!! To do so would mean loosing all of the forum and everyone would need to re register as the site is constructed in a very complicated way, or so I have been told. This is something that came with this site when we took it over, and also our host company are not the easiest of people to work with.

    The only other option is maybe re create another site whilst keeping this one running and folk register with the new site. But hey I am a stalker not a bloody computer gheek!!



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    chin up malc

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    A few more days and I will be in the highlands for a month on the stags and hinds, no computers, mobile dosnt work up that far either.

    Guns, Quad, dog and the open hill and forest GREAT!!!!


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    I'm going to forget NOT having anywork at present on November the 1st, going to Ian & Jo's for three days.

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    England, a large country south of the Scottish Border
    Sikamalc, I didnt say you were a "bloody computor gheek, I merely asked if someone, maybe a computor geek, could sort it

    But hey, if thats how it is, so be it, chill

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    I'm surprised to hear you can't move the site. From what I can see it is hosted with Fasthosts?

    I've had quite a bit of experience moving sites similar to this and usually it is done in three parts:

    1) Backup frontend files (PHP, HTML etc) and ftp to new server
    2) Backup database (MySQL etc) and restore to new server
    3) Update domain DNS ( to point to new server

    The tricky bit is usually transferring the database because it is typically large and can't be done 'live' as obviously you don't want it changing while you are copying it across. Also, some hosts make it very difficult to get to your data. I've no direct experience with Fasthosts (although my colleague has) but we have just looked at their FAQ and it looks like they provide for database backups here:

    If I was in your situation I would be tempted to copy the site to a duplicate test server where you can play around with it to see whether the problems persist without changing the live site. If it fixes the problem then look into permanently moving the site.

    If it helps I would be happy to host an interim test site on one of our web servers here at work and also assist with moving should you require it.

    Give us a shout if you'd like to try this, or maybe we can talk about it in Scotland next month!

    best regards,


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    Sinced it was "Tweaked" i`ve had very, very few problems.

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    Buck52 not a stab at you about being a computer gheek!! this is the trouble with Emails etc sometimes it comes across that your having a go, apologise if it looked that way but it was a general comment not aimed at anyone.



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    England, a large country south of the Scottish Border
    Thats ok Sikamalc, no offence taken and non meant.
    Computors are a pain in the arse but we just dont seem to be able to get away from them, they are robbers of time

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