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Thread: Astro Garmin 320

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    Astro Garmin 320

    Hi all
    i am after a little advice on the Astro Garmin 320
    Does any know what the real difference is between the American and European versions
    is there any difference in their working capability?

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    Morning Richard,
    Give me a ring if you like and I may be able to help.
    Regards WIDU.

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    I've got the older Astro 220 model, great bit of kit.

    As for the differnces between the models, I think it's just the frequencies so they do not interfere with any in-use or rescue frequencies.

    I would be careful about using one of the foreign ones in the UK, I think there was a thread on here some months back about the legality of them.

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    Hi Stone,

    I'll know by the end of the weekend, picked up a Swedish Astro 220 unit on Ebay and going to try pair it up to US DC40 Collar this weekend.


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    Cheers guys
    i have been in contact with Widu and now all sorted on the info side

    be interesting to hear how you get on

    Many thanks

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    Hi Stone,

    It doesn't work with the US collars need a collar from Scandinavia for it to work. However it's not a Bad GPS unit seams to work in cover.


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    Have some collars ( new ) garmin dc40 for sale , 200 euro

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