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    Luck the Draw

    I took a chum out stalking on one of my pieces of ground last week, Diver Dave. The evening weather was beautiful with a nice sun to make spying easy, a good wind and yes plenty of deer to look at. To add to the enjoyment we saw cuckoos, buzzards and a host of song birds and all in good song.

    I took him first to a vantage point what I call observation post as from here we can get a good view of the lie of the ground and it was from here we spied a nice buck to stalk. Sadly this was not the only buck we stalked that night and even though we had four separate stalks we did not get a shot. But Dave, the sportsman as he is and an experienced stalker took it all in his stride. Next out we will be lucky I said.

    Well a week later I was out on the same piece of ground and with another friend Mark, also an experienced stalker and we went about the stalking very much in the same way also seeing an abundance of wildlife including a merlin. The wild garlic was out in full bloom too.

    On reaching my "observation post" and after waiting and spying for about ten minutes low and behold a good buck put in an appearance a little over 150 yds from us. Well the picture below says it all

    Just the luck of the draw................. And that's stalking.
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