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Thread: 59 years ago today

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    59 years ago today

    about this time of day many men lay dead or dying on beaches but we had the beginning of a beach head and the beginning of the end of tyranny !


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    We wll remember them!

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    A day the world should NEVER forget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodge1942 View Post
    69 years ago
    oh crap , i knew i should have paid more attention in maths class !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    oh crap , i knew i should have paid more attention in maths class !

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    Unfortunately , a large section of the community have forgotten or probably never even learnt about it, and here we are making the same mistakes all over again. The 4th Reich is taking over, and no one will fight any more in defence of the previous sacrifices.

    ​Respect to those who stood up to be counted.

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    I was there.....
    In my dads Testicals, but I was there.
    me dad always told me that when D-day came on the tele.
    Some guy me arl feller, never ever mentioned the killing, only the funny things that happend to him.
    Still miss him.

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    Both World Wars need to be remembered. I will never forget my Grandmother being perpetually in mourning and always sad from loosing my Grandad at the Somme. My Dad never spoke of what he did or saw in WW2, neither did my brother who was in the far east. I know they didn't want to hurt us, but I think they were a bit wrong in that.
    I believe that the British Legion & H4H good works should be taught about in all schools - including all the different ethnic & religious ones. If the Government would do that I think we would have a bit better country & world as a result.


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    If only they knew how things would turn out would they still have done it? Everything they fought for we have nearly lost. i doff my cap to those brave and courageous boys and men. I wonder how many of the immigrants who have landed over here would stand, and fight for Queen and country after taking the benefits.

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