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    Aimpoint 9000L

    As I’ve booked a trip boar shooting this year, plus we will be hunting boar here with the dogs this year I bought a Aimpoint 9000L to go on my Mauser M03 .308. I have a Aimpoint Micro on my slug gun that I have used quite a bit and I am very happy with. The Aimpoint micro has a 4 MOA red dot that is more suited for use on a slug gun. The aimpoint 9000L has a 2 MOA dot. Both Aimpoints have a 50000 hour battery life and are very well made. The 9000L at 230g also makes the rifle lighter. The Mauser M03 is a heavy rifle not made lighter by adding a S&B FD 3-12x50FD.

    I looked on the interweb for the sight and the cheapest was from my local gun shop. £380, plus I got the flip up lens covers thrown in for free. Why buy Chinky knock offs when you can by the real thing.
    I thought about another Aimpoint Micro for the Mauser with 2 MOA but wanted a sight that was more normal scope shaped.
    I bought another Mauser scope mount with low 30mm rings to mount the 9000L on the rifle. It’s then easy to change over to the normal scope if I am going to sit out at night for a boar.

    Sighted the Aimpoint at 80 mtrs as that’s the range used on the running moose range (Älgbana). 10 shots and it was sighted in. I did shoot another 20 shots at a boar target I have just for fun.

    So last Saturday it was off to the Älgbana to shoot a few rounds at a moving target. I must say I was very pleases with the results. My score whilst not quite as good as I would normally do with the S&B scope mounted, but was not at all bad. A summer of practice will improve the score. I was also picking up the target quicker shooting with both eyes open.

    ​With the type of hunting we do I will be using the Aimpoint for all my hunting and only using the S&B scope for sitting out for boar at night. Plus I Use my Combi for all my roe hunting.

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    Yup, the 9000l is a great red dot sight, works well on my 444 p14.

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