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Thread: driven rifle sling

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    driven rifle sling

    For Sale is my driven rifle sling which I bought a few weeks ago from bushwear. The reason for sale is that it just does not suit my style of stalking. I thought it seemed good tried on in the shop however I just cant get used to it. Its basically in an as new condition as I have only used it the three times.

    I'm looking for about 20 posted 1st class for it.

    A quick look on the web shows bushwear sell it posted for just over forty quid and deepblueshooting sell it posted for just under forty quid.

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    Not interested in the sling, but I'll take the cardigan of your hands!

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    SOLD - pending payment

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    What the sling or cardy?

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    Harkila Annaboda one, they are the dogs danglies! I live in mine through the winter.

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    Annaboda anywhere near Annapurna?

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    Lovely girl that Annapurna!

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    Is she the one that does the weather on Sky news?

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