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Thread: Snaring under attack

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    Snaring under attack

    After the failure to stop the badger cull in parliment yesterday the LACS seem to be set on mounting a campaign to get snaring banned.
    ​As a keeper I found snares invaluable as a method of fox control and I know that life would certainly have been harder without them

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    How could we as a group add our support?,to our side of course! (those who would want to).
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    They've been banding this about on Twitter for the last few weeks, it doesn't seem that well supported but they do keep posting photos of Mrs Miggins cat with a leg snared or a random mangy dog in a similar state (I'm sceptical as to their actual authenticity) but any attack on our way of life should be met with fierce opposition from us. The thin end of the wedge!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    According to their FB page they have 36,000 signatures on a petition that they will be presenting to parliment very shortly.
    I,m hoping that the likes of the CA,BASC,and NGO will be mounting a stout defence of this vital tool.
    There has been mounting pressure for a few years now mostly from Patrick Moores charity who have been doing a lot of sabre rattling and posting pictures like has been said of cats,etc.
    ​Lets just hope common sense will prevail

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    Surely they must have something better to do

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    You would think so but.......................

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    Don't know about English law but in Scotland you can no longer set a snare,until you have been on a course.

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    I know!!!!!
    Been snaring for years and now I'm north of the border I need a certificate!

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    Scottish law requires everyone to be qualified with a certificate from BASC, SGA or GWCT. Each snare has now got to be tagged with the unique identification number of the user. Where Scotland has started England/Wales is surely going to follow. Snaring is absolutely vital for gamekeeping and conservation, we need to protect it, I think the only way we can do this is to stamp out any illegal use of snares which in turn, gives the Anti's ammunition for these stupid propaganda campaigns.

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