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Thread: Deer Stalking around Edinburgh/Lothians

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    Deer Stalking around Edinburgh/Lothians

    Alright chaps and chapettes:

    I have recently moved down to sunny Edinburgh after spending a lot of time in the middle of the Cairngorms as a stalking Ghillie up there.

    Anyway to the point.. I was wondering if any of you have or have knowledge of anywhere that is available for shooting over. I am getting totally frustrated at going round farms etc. and drawing total blanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


    PM me with any suggestions

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    it's a tough one buddy, I feel your pain! I, yourself, and many many others have knocked on the same doors many many times.

    truth is, anything around Edinburgh, north, south, east and west is saturated, you've really got to go down past peebles towards dumfries or south of jedburgh before anything more local and available starts to present itself, even that is getting hard to find and rent pressure is making it hard to afford due to syndicatization trends.

    I don't know how the deer population even manages to survive to be honest! LOL..
    “One does not hunt in order to kill; one kills in order to have hunted.” - Jose Ortega y Gasset

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