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Thread: You could not make this up

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    You could not make this up

    Police fined 40000 for instructor shooting a chap across a table in a police station with .44 Magnum

    Did he get banged up? Dont be daft he is a police officer, an expert, a supreme arian lifeform. How dare you suggest he spend time with criminals and scum.

    We need to setup a fund for his fine though, minimum 10 each.

    Oh in case you are wondering the chap he shot was in coma for 12 days , kidneys, liver and bowel exploded and will never work again.............

    Semper Vigilo

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    I saw that on the BBC website, i couldn't belive all he got was a 8000 fine and 8000 expenses/costs (think i'm right in saying that).

    What i really don't understand is how an officer who failed his firearms course was still allowed to handle a pistol, and what makes this even worse...why the hell was he loading live ammunition in a class room....why would you even load blank ammunition in a class room....there is NO NEED!

    i think he used the excuse of he didn't realise it was live...its not that bloody difficult to tell the difference.

    Anyway...rediculus, the chap he shot is very lucky to still be alive.

    Accident or not he should have been given a more serious sentance for sheer stupidity.

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    even more ridiculous was that he apparently actually pointed the weapon at the victim and pulled the trigger!

    what happened to never pointing a weapon at anything unless you want to shoot it.

    This bloke should be inside



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    I also saw this on yesterdays BBC news. I sat there with my mouth open in disbelief.

    I will also add that there are a great many other mistakes made by the Police that also go un reported.


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    There are a few wider comments on this and others in topic "can we really trust them"

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    I bet he didn't even have the courtesy to ask the poor beggar if he felt lucky!

    In a similar fashion . . .

    Melvyn Nurse, 35, a clergyman, used a .357 calibre Magnum revolver loaded with one blank round to dramatise his sermon before a packed congregation at Livingway Christian Fellowship Church Internationl in Jacksonville, Florida on 26 September. He illustrated each of the seven deadly sins by playing Russian roulette, spinning the chamber and holding the gun to his head. After one spin, the gun fired and the cardboard wadding in the blank pierced his temple, inflicting fatal brain injuries.


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    I read Goerge Orwells book at school and though it was really depressing and unreal.

    The man was a seer and we did not know it.

    Two legislative books. One for politicians and police officers another for potential criminals (US)

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    Back in the 80s I remember the american actor Jon Erik Hexum killed himself by holding a 44 magnum filled with blanks to his head and pulling the trigger on the set of his TV series.
    The wad hit his temple and propelled a piece of bone into his brain causing massive bleeding

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    Isn't it comforting that we are being protected by Experts...


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    I was always told as a youngster that all guns are loaded
    even if the chamber is empty
    and NEVER piont a gun at anything unless
    you want to kill it
    ( advice from my grandfarther (WW1 marksman) )

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