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Thread: First air rifle. Keep or sell to fund something else??

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    First air rifle. Keep or sell to fund something else??

    Anyone have any idea what a .22 feinwerkbau sport in good nick would be worth? It was my much cherished first airgun (remember the coveting, the excitement of your first gun?) but it has just sat there for years not being used.
    cant work out whether I should shift it on or even if it is worth doing so.

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    Very much wish I still had my first airgun. Think I sold it for peanuts to one of my friends at the age of about 13. Mind you it had been dragged through many a hedge, and the stock did look a little interesting!

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    Definitely keep. I still have my Weihrauch HW35 .22 which must now be 30 years old. Still get it out every now and again and it will probably be the first rifle my 6 year old will fire.

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    Yes, that is the thing, I sort of think I should keep hold of it.... Don't want to get all sentimental.

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    I really wish that I'd kept my first air rifle. I doubt I'd use it much now but I made a lot of good memories with that gun. I'd pay a lot more than it's worth to get it back.

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    I still have my Rapid mk1 from 1992 & it still makes me smile , every time a magpie drops ugly it may be........ efficient 'there is no other'

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    Guys you have me doubting myself. Mind you nobody has suggested how much I may get for it yet.

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    There is a Feinwerkbau 127 in .22 on Guntrader with a NikkoSterling scope for 375

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    I sold my first air rifle, it was a .22 Webley Victor and a Christmas present, I've been looking for another ever since, I still have my first real scope, an Optima 4x40WA which I saved my pocket money to buy. I also still have my first shotgun which was a Christmas present from my parents when I was 15, its still going strong after 27 years

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    I have seen them sell for 180-220.

    My advice would be to keep it as they simply do not make that sort of quality now.

    ​ I bought a Model 127 Sport back in 1980 from Streatham Armoury with a ASI 4x32 scope the rifle cost 77 and the scope about 28. I still have both. It's had a couple of new springs over the years and a new set of seal fitted. The scope is held in a Rhino one piece alloy mount which I paid cost for as we knew the chap who designed it and made it for Surrey Guns. In fact dad machined a lot of the rings for these mounts for mike of MICAN engineering who's product they were.

    Rhino was the brand name of stuff made for Surrey Guns.

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