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Thread: whats the going rate?

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    whats the going rate?

    How much is the going rate for a 20 box of Federal 150gr soft points in .270?

    ​Cheers, Tom

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    Give phil Webster a call at great ellingham, he always does good prices on .308 so worth a shout.
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    I think I gave about 22 for a box a few months ago. Not a lot of price difference between them and the Remington core-lokt


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    A google search of UK gun shops shows prices ranging from 24.95 to 29.99 so you should be able to get then somewhere in that price range.


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    Paid 25 a box for 6.5x55 140gr on Monday.

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    Fed Powershok in 6.5x55 140s?
    Great cartridge, suit my rilfe (Sauer) very sweetly .
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    I have both Federal Powershok (SPs) and Vital Shok (BTs) and they are excellent, with the same consistent point of impact, no need to rezero between the two. I have yet to try the Fusions but I have half a box and I suspect that they will be just as good.

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