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Thread: Roe - the 'false' rut

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    Roe - the 'false' rut

    Please could someone explain to me what the 'false rut' is as yesterday was told 'it' had started in my area (Cotswolds, Glos.)
    Should I / could I now use a call, or is it advisable to wait with calling untill the 'real' rut, assumed to be end of July/early August.
    Thank you.

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    A lot of people like to claim the rut has started in their area as early as this. I expect what they are seeing is territorial animals fighting for their patch.

    The false rut can happen in October.

    I had someone claiming the rut had started in May...

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    21st July witnessed last year in my diary (midlands)

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    As has been already said the false rut is later in the year, usually thought to be sexual awakening in young ananimals the true rut takes place sometime between late July early and early August the earliest I Have observed true rutting behavior is 20th JUly that is in over forty years of observing Roe deer.

    Every year there are reports of rutting activity in early June but this I not true rutting activity, bucks are becoming sexually aroused but there can be no real rut until a doe comes into oesterus,which is triggered by the change in daylight which happens after the summer equinox.

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    From my understanding of the false rut, it usually takes place about October and is instigated by the younger bucks from the previous year - now approaching 18 months old and becoming sexually mature with a big burst of hormones that they don't know what to do with.
    Now it's time for the already mature bucks establishing their territory and driving out the young bucks whose mother has just turfed them out as well. You got to feel sorry for these young bucks this time of year.

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