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Thread: Lost elevation cap cover ...

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    Lost elevation cap cover ...

    When I picked up my scope off a pal It had a missing cover off one of the adjusters on the scope.
    Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can get a spare one please ?
    Its a bushnell trophy 3-9x40


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    I have exactly the same problem, i need to try and find one so that i can sell the scope on.
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    I have a Hawke on my .22, and left a cap on the bonnet of the truck after zeroing. Deben had a replacement to me in under 48 hours, although I had to buy a pair for a fiver. Apparently it's a common request.

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    When we had the gunshop, we used to keep a box full of turret caps from various scrap scopes. Used to give 'em away free to our regulars. Try your local RFD and ask the question.

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    Lost a turret cap whilst out stalking and e-mailed Swarovski if I could buy a replacement. Two arrived in the post the next day foc.


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    same happened to a friend with MTC. only difference was he didn't lose one, he quashed one while walking on a flat bit of ground. his legs decided to not work and he fell on top of the rifle.
    he mailed MTC and a replacement was on its way FOC

    yes i laughed, still do when i tell the story.

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