Hi All

For those wanting that surgical edge on a blade we believe the DMT Diamond sharpeners to be the best one can buy, I have used one of these kits for the last 20yrs and can pretty much get a scalpel edge on any grade of steel, so we have the following deal which will only run during June.

DMT Deluxe Aligner Kit @ £50.00 Delivered

  • Unrivaled in both performance & durability DMT® brand sharpeners have earned the reputation as the best sharpening products on the planet.
  • The Deluxe Aligner™ kit contaings a stone holder, blade guide, Course stone, Fine stone, Extra Fine stone and also a fine grade taper diamond steel which is ideal for serated edges or curved blades such as "Swingblade" type knives, a handy fabric storage pouch is also provided.
  • Use the stones either dry or with water - no oil needed.
  • DMT® Diamond Whetstones™ mono-crystalline diamond surfaces will not crack, chip, hollow or groove and will provide years of perfect service.

Just pm with any interest - more details can also be found at http://www.monarchcountryproducts.co...product_id=124
Many thanks