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Thread: Seems too good to be true?

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    Seems too good to be true?
    Come across the above.
    anyone have any experience of the above syndicate, not in the market for it myself but seemed like a very good deal ( a bit too good?).

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    Do a search on this forum. It has been discussed several times before.

    If my memoray serves me correct the general consensus before was the usual catch phrase applies - if it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true.



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    Advert placed in last months sporting rifle triggered my interest, but not really in the market for a syndicate place anyway.

    ​will do a search and see whet I find just out of interest though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Come across the above.
    anyone have any experience of the above syndicate, not in the market for it myself but seemed like a very good deal ( a bit too good?).
    only difference with this bloke and Dick Turpin is Dick Turpin wore a mask

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    Quote Originally Posted by see it shoot it View Post
    only difference with this bloke and Dick Turpin is Dick Turpin wore a mask
    14. Fallow Stalk in Suffolk 500 acres of quality high seat stalking for muntjac and Fallow.(no further charge).

    16. Suffolk 500 acres near Bury-St-Edmunds a Fallow and muntjac stalk high seats, accompanied to seat left on own after this get a kill phone Richard and he will come and assist, you get 50% of Carcass only but (no further charge we pay visit fee).

    Both of these listed stalks are a total lie, this ground my friend had the shooting rights, it is correct that Richard USED to take clients out. He lost the stalking as well as the game shooting, at least 4 years ago. He has told "Dick Turpin" that he does not have the ground any more but he still keeps it on the website, no doubt to gain more interest. I would not be at all surprised if more than 90% of the advertised ground the members still have access to!!!


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    Dorset generally shot the preverbial out of. I know I live just around the corner (literally) and if you do see an deer they just run and run and run
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    I see you noticed it in last months Sporting Rifle yet the advert refers to 'new ground from this year' then mentions 2007 !! so I reckon he needs to update his web page
    Pulham is no longer his to tout, it is being touted by the Farmer direct.
    When I was a member, People had either shot the day before or people were just arriving, the booking system left much to be desired.
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    part of there stalking is in mappower sturminster newton dorset! this is the place i go 5/6 a year never new there was i stalkingclub nor do's my pal who lives in village and a keeper and owns most of the stalking in and around mappower ,kings stag, ! also roe are down on the last few years ,seam to remember this lot and folks have been told by land owners "get off my land" as rents had not been paid or chaps tip up only to find that the ground was shot the day before when thay request AREthere any deer here!!

    this lot will defend any bad press even to the point of giving resions why e,y.z happened walk away

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    I'm a member of the syndicate and had a couple of roe off one of the Dorset farms last December. Not much more to add to that I'm afraid, other than there are plenty of threads on the site

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