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Thread: my first medal

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    my first medal

    after my recent surprise i had at Weston Park when i took a fallow head in to be measured
    i was asked to post a few pics by a few members
    story goes
    i shot this beast , a couple of years ago late one september
    on a recently planted field which now had a bit of wet on it , which made dragging impossible
    ok it was a little to heavy for me to drag
    so cautiously i drove across the field hoping not to make a mess or even get stuck
    on struggling to get it into the back of the motor as it was a big lad
    45 mins aprox later i was back on solid track with a big grin across my sweat covered face
    once back at the larder i could examine the head a little closer
    following a phone call to a cic judge a few years earlier about another Fallow i had shot just for a rough guide on measurements
    i deemed this latest beast still not big enough to qualify for a medal going by the info i had recieved
    so for the last few years it has sat in the garden of my taxidermist just in-case he needed one
    luckily for me it was still there and since i hav moved to a bigger house i had a little wall space
    i suggested i had better hav it back as it was the biggest i had ever shot
    so on that
    Weston Park it was
    a day of shopping and anticpation wondering yes or no
    as it happened it went BRONZE
    so 40 later, a few words of congratulations and a jaw that almost hit the floor
    my first ever medal
    i was shocked as i am not and never will be a trophy hunter in that sense
    here's a few pics of what could of been lost for ever

    just goes to show
    all that glitters is not gold

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    Propper job mate
    you forgot to say it's a WILD one

    I told you to smile on that last photo

    Nice one


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    Nice one Rich, cracking job mate.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint
    Propper job mate
    you forgot to say it's a WILD one

    I told you to smile on that last photo

    Nice one

    sory Jonathon
    i agree YES it was a wild one
    also forgot to mention my photographer
    cheers guys

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    Welldone and show quality stock and to me a medal means that my ground is being managed in the correct way.

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    Well done Richard!

    That is a very nice head, wild to boot!

    A well deserved trophy mate.


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    Nice one Stone.

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    rich well done m8 really pleased for you
    shame we didnt bump into each other at the midland
    pete .

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