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Thread: Yet more foxs

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    Yet more foxs

    Cannot fathom what is going on. Shot big dog fox on Monday eve at 22:30 almost dark. Then Tues eve got 3 more and we saw 10. Last night staked out a field where we saw 2 on Tues. Mate got the vixen at 9:45 and the dog 30 mins later, both within 75yds bit unsporting with a 6mm BR but there was a job to do. We are in double figs on two small fields in the last 10 days, I think we had 20 in the last 2 weeks. All adults and don't appear to be releases.

    I have got another couple/three to target this weekend, never known a year like it we never get this many even durring harvest.


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    Been experiencing something similar although not quite as many as yourself, but had 6 within a 1000 yard area in the last couple of weeks all adults.
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Had 6 in 3 trips on a new perm and saw another.

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    I'm out right now and seen 7 adults and 3 well grown cubs 80 - 150 yds away

    Wrong rifle only got the .22 LR need to get the rabbits down as soon as.

    They will keep Fer later


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    Keep knocking them over lads.

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