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Thread: Rugger m77 mk1 mounts

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    Rugger m77 mk1 mounts

    I'm looking for 30mm high mounts for said rifle been told the yanks are buying left right and centre and are hard to come buy. I have other ideas but would like the proper two peice mounts. Will to pay going rate of course.

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    Hmmmm, I'm confused. I could be wrong, but I wasn't aware that MK I mounts were any different from MK II mounts for Rugers. Have you tried Google? I quickly found the following info, but I'm sure there are other options including installing a rail.

    Regards JCS

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    You are right sir the other option was a rail

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    I found them but they out of stock. Will email them check when coming in

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    Leupold do a set. I think a friend bought his recently from sportsman.....
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    is your 77 the round top action with a tang safety or the stepped action with three position safety
    a barony original

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    I believe it called the shotgun like safety. So the tang one

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    just sorted a friend m77 out. there are 2 different types. there is the straight top and the step down. the straight top has the 2 mounts of equal height and the step down had one higher that the other.

    i was lucky and found two on the shelf in a local shop. not cheap but did whats needed. they come in singles as well.

    i did see cliffs with them in stock as that was going to be the last resort.

    Leupold also do a rail and you then add the rings. think i saw them in optic warehouse.

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    Emailing them already going for rail and ring as they in stockin stock

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    It a lovely gun that has done very little work. Could of done with better cleaning but it spotless now

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