Here for sale is a set of Heiniger Delta 3 clippers. These have been excellent clippers, I have used them for clipping cattle before surgery and for tuberculosis testing. They have never broken, failed or let me down. They will cut long hair easily and can cope well with dirty hair and debris.

I am only selling them as I now use a much smaller cordless set which are easier to move about with and to get into small spaces, they are nothing like as tough as the Delta 3s but its a trade off.

This set I am selling are used but in fully working order. The blades on them were cutting well when I stopped using them but may have become dull over the last couple of months but they can be sharpened and there is a new spare set in the box. These just have a touch of surface rust on due to the storage oil rubbing off on the packet but it won't affect them (see pic) I'm just being honest. There are some scuffs and scrapes to the housing and a bit of the filter cover has come away (available as a replacement part) but no significant damage. Please don't expect a spotless new set, these are not they are well used but they will work just as well as a new set. The original oil bottle is missing but if i find it i will include it.

These are heavy as they are heavy duty, they are also fairly noisy so would not be suitable for nervous horses.

Any questions please contact me!